Thursday, 19 April 2018

Premise: Sun and Moon Final Designs

After a few redesigns and feedback, Sun and Moon finaly have their overall designs finished. There might be the odd tweak here and there, such as adding in smaller details, but I am happy with the overall designs of them. Moon looks calm and gentle while Sun looks boyish and loud.

The only thing that I am unsure about right now is if I should set the colour opacity to 100% or at 50%. Any feedback is welcomed.

Colours at 100%

Colours at 50%

Scultping: Lesson Four

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Premise: World Ideas

After steping back and looking at the over all progress of my project it was pointed out to me that I hadn't spent that muct time on thinking about what the over all world look like. This means the parts in the poem when screens about the Sun and the Moon are being explaned or they themselves are talking about something else.

In my head I had an idea of the way that I wanted to show it but I had yet to get the early ideas down on paper as the characters where taking up a lot of time. The main idea that I had was to have the screens appear and move in a way that was similar to a Victorian paper theatre. However, after sometime I started to think that the viewer might not be able to pick out the different parts that I wanted them to see moving as they would blend in to the background. To get round this problem I decided to put a white outline round the parts that I wanted to show are moving, to make it look like cut out pieces of paper, which is similar to the art style used in the 2013 survival game Don't Stave cinimatics.

To get an idea of what this would look like I did some test images based on some of the lines from the poem. Any feed back is welcomed.

"...And how farmers should worship him most..."
"...The Queen said, 'I comfort the sleepless. I am a beacon for travellers lost'..."

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Premise: Star Designs

As I've been designed the Sun and Moon I've been slowly working on the stars that will appear in the animation as I felt that when I had a better understanding of the characters overall looks then the stars' design would fall in to place.

I've also thinking about how I would make them look more like the willow lanterns while also trying to make them have the classic star shape, such as thinking about how they would be built and where the lines should go.

Some back that I already have picks out numbers 4, 5 and 10 as being the best ones with elements that I could bring out in later designs

4 - The texture that I have used to make it look like a lantern.
5 -  The long point that the bottom of the star to give it a classic look.
10 - The smaller points that I have used to make it like cute.

Any feed back is welcomed.

Scultping: Lesson Three