Thursday, 15 March 2018

Premise: Character Silhouettes

I'm still trying to work out the designs for my characters and it seems that the over all shape of them might be what is holding me back abit. To help fix the overall shape of the characters I looked at the animated film The Sceret of Kells (2009) and the way that they designed the characters with a overall shape that carried on throughout the whole of the character.

Following this I created a number of silhouettes for each character (number 1 is the shape that I had been using for them) to try out differents shapes, styles and idea for them. I haven't added in the hair or the crown as of yet as I want to work out the body first before moving on to that part of them. Any feed back is welcomed.

Moon silhouettes

Sun silhouettes

Monday, 12 March 2018

Sculpting: Ideas

@Alan Sculpting - Ideas

Edea Lee

I've been alittle stuck with what character's head I want to try and model and the best one that I've thought of is Edea Lee from the game Bravely Default. However, her hair might be a problem as it just goes all over the place.

Premise: Poem Draft 2

After going after going back and forth with Phil about my poem I finally fell like that I have something that I can work with to help me move forward with my porject.

How The Stars Came Be To
If, like me, you’ve ever wondered
how the stars high above came to glisten
And who might it be who put them there
to sparkle like diamonds, then listen.

My story begins with two rulers.
(You know them as the Sun and the Moon)
Just look at their robes incandescent!
But – oh dear- they’ll be squabbling soon.

For the Sun, you see, was a braggard
Into the ears of the corn he would boast
Of his gifts of light and of warmth to them
And how farmers should worship him most.

The moon, looking on, kept her silence.
She was a ruler much cooler and wise.
Hushed and serene in silver and pearls
She likewise shone light from the skies.

Of the Moon’s gifts the Sun was dismissive
Of her powers the Sun snapped, ‘Oh please!’
You come out in the night when no one’s awake
and you fuss with the tides of the seas!”

The Queen said, ‘I comfort the sleepless.’
‘I am a beacon for travellers lost.
‘I am the light bringing lovers together
‘I’m the glimmer left after Jack Frost.’

Of course the King wasn’t listening.
He was too busy admiring his crown.
But his thousand or more years of gloating
Had at last worn the Queen’s patience down.

‘The night-sky I’ll make to outshine you!’
blazed the Queen who’d endured all she could.
‘My realm will overshadow your kingdom!
I’ll put an end to your boasting for good!’

Guffawing, the Sun cried, ‘Just try it!’
Then the crown from his head the Moon took
Into a million pieces she smashed it
As all around them the firmament shook.

Glittering gold and shimmering
The crown’s jewels spanned the sky as they rolled.
The Sun gaped in awe and in shock at the sight
As he watched constellations unfold.

“Behold!” the Moon cried, triumphant.
‘Now your conceit need be suffered no more.’
Silent for once, the King could only agree
He’d never seen such beauty before.

So my tale ends just where it started
Perhaps you’re wondering can it be true?
For your answer don’t look to my story
Look up to the night sky above you.

Life Drawing - Lesson 17