Saturday, 20 January 2018

Premise: Feedback and Ideas

After some time thinking about it I have decided to go with my stars mythos idea as I feel that I can have a lot of fun working out ideas for it.

As for the style I have been thinking about using blocks of colour that has small details on the clothes. The main inspiration for this style is from looking at the outfits from the 2013 film Frozen. The way that the clothes hang off the body, trail along the floor as well as with the angles that they create seem to add to personality of the characters and catching the magic of the world. The style also helps to create a clean silhouette with not that many bumps and cuts.

Another design idea I’ve had as come from looking the outfits worn by ballerinas as they seem to be designed to help tell the story that the dancers are portraying, which might help me tell the Sun and Moon’s story.

There are still some parts of the idea that I still toying around with, such as:

What way is the story going to be told?

I think that the best way to tell the story would to have it narrated but I need to think about who is going to be telling the story. The only draw back that I’m having with this idea is that I never worked with a voice actor before, so that would be an add challenge.

What way is the story going to be set?

This might affect the way the characters move, be it that they are free to the move anyway they want or have been limited in some way.

How to portray the characters?

The characters themselves are the Sun and Moon so this question I feel needs to be solved early on as it might affect the style and the way the story is told. One of the main ideas that I keep having is to humanise them but this comes from an old habit that I’ve had since I was little where I would try to think of non-human things as being human and work out their design.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Mudbox: Lesson 1

Pepper in Mudbox from Rhia Crouch on Vimeo.

 This is the first time that I have used Mudbox and I found it to be alot of fun, I also found it easier to create the model than in Maya as I wasn't having to move around each edge and vertices. I was also suprised by the detail that you can create.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Premise: First Ideas and Feedback

These are my first ideas for my premise project:

Mythos styled story about the reason we have stars

The basic idea of this is that it will tell the story of how and why the Sun created the stars for the Moon. The main idea that I have for this is that the Sun notices that the Moon is lonely as none is around at night to see then, so the Sun decides to do something about it so that people down on Earth would stay around at night.

My own Urban legend tale

Based around what I think is a church that is in a local graveyard near where I live. I don’t think I even seen it be used and the size of the outside doesn’t seem to fit with it being big enough to hold that many people in it.

The Evil Princess

This idea comes from a through I had about Evil Queens in fairy tales: If they are a Queen now then they must have been a Princess at some point. So, with this idea it’s designed to be more of a backstory for the character.

Out of all my ideas the mythos story about the stars and the evil Princess ideas seemed to get the most attention. But there are some points that still need cleaning up such as:

  • What way am I going to tell the mythos story. 
  • The main plot that will be used of the evil Princess idea. 

It seems to be able to get the most out of this project I need to find away that will let me used a set of simple rules so that I’m not overwhelmed with the work.

Life Drawing - Lesson 11

Friday, 12 January 2018

Character Design: Lesson 10

For our last lesson we were each put into groups and where given an already existing show that we each had to design a new character for. The group that I was in was given the children's educational show Wild Kratts which is designed to help teach kids about different animals' biology and the way the human actions can have an effect on them.

The show's main characters Martin (in blue) and Chris (in Green)
I started to think about what types of characters were already in the show and what ones were missing that could be added. After coming up with a few ideas I decided to go with a Park Ranger character who would call the main characters if there was an animal in trouble.

Maya Tutorial: Check In

Jet Pack Jones:


Weight Lifting: