Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Premise: Poem Draft 1

For my premise project I wanted to use a poem to help narrator the story of the Stars. It was bit of a challenge but after sometime I was able to come up with something but I didn't plan on making the poem 13 verses along! The rhythming structure I used is AABBCD and any feed back is welcomed.

 How The Stars Came To Be
If you have ever wondered, just like me, 
How the stars came to be 
Who was it that put them there 
And made them sparkle so fair? 
What was it that makes them shine in that inky night sky? 
While we are in our beds laying asleep at night 

The story begins with two characters I feel you know 
Two rulers of the sky both dressed in royal robes 
The Sun and the Moon are the reason for the stars 
But I am sad to say that it was not a romantic start 
This is the story of how one crossed the line 
And was taught a lesson by the other 

The Sun, you see, is a King in gold 
Who would not settle for anything old 
As he made each day shiny and new 
And that anything had been used once in his view 
Was not worth using again as it was tainted with the views of yesterday 
And that nothing should be dull in his kingdom in the sky 

Every day that he made was warm and bright 
And, as is common with the Sun, was filled with light 
He felt so important as he looked down from the sky 
That you can imagine that his smile was 10 feet high 
It is no surprise that he freely boosted about it 
However, there was another who not impressed by his ways 

Moon on the other hand was quiet, clam and reserved 
A Queen in silver who is never loud had found him quit absurd 
And over time become quit tried of the Sun and his vein ways 
It was as if he was in constant need of praise 
It is no surprise then that she sometimes disappears from the night sky. 
I don’t blame her if I had to put up with that all the time 

So, as you can see 
Two very different beings 
Who ruled in the sky and controlled our day and night 
But it was clear that the two of them where heading for a fight 
It was one particular encounter in the sky 
That gave as the stars and a reason why vanity never wins 

It was one time when the Sun and Moon crossed paths 
That resulted in the starry filled aftermath 
The two sat side by side and watched the Earth as it whirled 
But Sun was bored just sitting there watching world 
And after some thought a simple idea came to mind and that was to increase his ego 
So he chose to give irritating Moon ago to see what she would do 

“You know” said Sun to Moon “I think it’s clear that I’m better than you” 
Moon, knowing this as a boost, rolled her eyes “And how have you come to that point of view?” 
The Sun did smile and say “The people down belong, when I’m around, always put on a show. 
But with you, dear Moon, it seems that everyone is a bit of a no show” 
Moon did not care about popularity or the way people treated her night 
“They need to sleep some place calm and I kindly give them that” 

Sun just laughed which angered Moon more 
He seemed determined to find something that would strike her to the core 
And so, he started looking around for something new mock, just begging for more 
Soon, it hit him, the one thing that set them apart Sun knew would make Moon feel sore 
Without thinking of what he was doing, what Sun said next would change everything forever 
“My day full of life and forever bright, your night on the other hand is boring and dull” 

This was the final straw and it was time the Sun should pay! 
“I can make the night shine brighter than your day!” 
Exclaimed the Moon as she swiped the crown upon his head 
And before the Sun could get it back the Moon did something that filled him with dread 
She threw the crown as hard as could in to the night sky 
Where it suddenly shattered in to a million pieces 

Glittering yellow and sparkling gold 
The jewels from the crown spend crossed the sky as they rolled 
The Sun stood in shock and awe at the sight 
What were these crystal lights? 
“Behold!” said Moon as she stood before Sun 
“The brightest night sky that can out do your day!” 

Sun didn’t know what to say 
As he watched the new lights find their place to stay 
He suddenly knew down in his heart 
That no matter what he did he could not compete with this work of art 
Moon just watched, waiting for Sun to respond 
He just turned away and didn’t say a word 

Nowadays, it’s a lot quieter in the sky 
And I do find it funny I’m not going to lie 
That one person’s vanity and another’s course of action 
Would result in such a beautiful reaction 
It’s hard to say if the Sun and Moon are still friends but if it wasn’t for this fight 
We wouldn’t have the story of how stars came to be

Life Drawing - Lesson 14

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Film Review: Waltz With Bashir

Fig 1. Waltz With Bashir (2008)

The 2008 Israeli animated film Waltz With Bashir, directed by Ari Folman, seems to be more of a history lesson than a film to kick back and watch. It also seems to act as a kind of warning to not forget about the past along with telling the viewer that we must also find a way to forgive ourselves for what we have done and what we have been a part of.

Set in 2006 the film focuses on the director himself trying to work out why he can’t remember anything from the Lebanon War that took place in the 1982 that he was a part of when he was 19, in particular the Sabra and Shatila massacre that took place in the refugee camps. After talking with friends, he goes looking for other people who were there at the same time to ask them about what they remember and what happened to them in the war. After hearing their stories and thoughts on what happen Folman slowly starts piecing together what happened at the camps and where he was when it happened before fully understand what part he played in it and why he has forgotten that time in his life.

When people first see Waltz With Bashir they might think that it was acted out by real people and then rotoscoped but it wasn’t. The whole animated part of the film was made in flash with some parts of it being hand drawn and blended together.

It’s only at the end of the film, when the scale of the massacre is revealed, it suddenly switches to life action footage of the aftermath massacre. This could have been done of several reasons such as showing the viewer that the story of the film did take place as is not fictional along with symbolising that the reality of the event has hit Folman and he now fulling remembers what happened.

It can be seen that the film might be a type of therapy for Folman to help him deal with what he saw and to make it clear to other generations what happened. In an interview Folman talks about it as a way of telling his children what happened as he is unable to remember and warn them about the horrors of war “I discovered a lot of heavy stuff regarding my past… This makes you wonder, maybe I am doing all this for my sons. When they grow up and watch the film, it might help them make the right decisions, meaning not to take part in any war” (Walsh, 2008)

Many have given the film credit for the way that it has used animation to tell the events shown in a respective manner as well as showing them in the way that the soldiers in the war would have seem it. “...high-contrast animation is the lifebreath of Folman’s film, appropriately moving the interviewees’ recollections away from the talking-head/archive-footage standard and towards something gorgeously graphical and soaringly inventive.” (Jolin, 2015) Folman was there himself and so knows what happened and that there was no way he could gloss over the facts or tone down the imagery.

However, a number of Arab counties have looked negatively at the film including the country that it is set in, Lebanon, and have banned the film. The reason for the ban is because it focuses on a dark part of the country’s history even if the film is anti-war and trying to give the message of not forgetting what happened in said all those years ago, although some have been able to get hold of copies of Waltz With Bashir and have shown it at private screenings. Lokman Slim, who held one of these private screenings, said “I feel jealous that those we should consider our enemies have the courage to revisit events in which they were involved, while we Lebanese are in an endless silence regarding our history.” (Nasr, 2009) It seems that the people of Lebanon also don’t want to forget their past just like.



Saturday, 10 February 2018

Premise: Design Ideas

After thinking about the target audience I started to think about how this would affect the design of my characters. When I first thought about my story I found my self thinking about short stories that would play in children's projects that would be a break from the main show, so I might think about designing my animation so that it is aimed at a younger audience.

When thinking about the overall design of my characters I felt that making them looking like wooden puppets, similar to pen dolls or an artist mannequins, and that they would be dressed with blocks of colour that would have the same feel so wooden building blocks. However, I also think that adding in what looks like see through acrylic plasics or glass to try and add a fantasy element to them.

I also came across the this animation that seems to follow its own mythos story about the water cycle. The design of the characters and the way that they interact could help me think about how my mythos might play out and the over all look of the character's designs.