Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Perspectives: Postmodernism Words 4

Avant-garde - Meaning vanguard in French, avant-garde was a movement in the modernism era that challenged the art world by creating paintings that didn't follow what was expected at the time. Works of art normaly showed scenes from the Bible or other works of literature but with avant-garde it chose to show scenes that didn't have a story.

Nostalgia - Nostalgia is the feeling that we get when we remenber something from our past. It can also be used as a marketing technique when creating a new instalment of a film or rebooting the franchise, people who remenber when the film first film came out will be drawn to the new relate so that they can relive the past again.

Appropriation - This is when artists take from other souces and repurposes it for their own work. This is common in the postmodernism as many artists were looking at different places cultures for ideas that could help to make their work stand out more and also to fight back against what people thought, and said, is ture art.

Pastiche - A pastiche is when something is intentionally made to mimic another style. This can be seen as a way of paying tribute to the original source material.

Parody - A parody is much different from a pastiche as it sets out to make fun of someting. This could be done to make fun of the source material or to be used in another way to mock something else.

Irony - When something that is not meant to be serious is seen as being serious. Irony is a type of sarcasm but the different being that it is a set of events that happen with an often funny out come.

Ideology - When a set of ideas and thoughts come together to help create the base ideas for group of people e.g. political parties. This, when put with postmodernism, is when someone has an idea of how the world should work, almost in a utpoian way, but their vision is often someone else's distopia.

Genre - This is a way of putting different types of media in to different groups based on the themes, sets, style ect. There are also subgenres that link on to the main genre or two genres can be put together to try and create something new.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Collaboration: Storybroad 1

Crocodile Storybroad

Piranha Storybroad

Rubber Ring Storybroad
3 storybroads for some of my team's animation ideas. These are to visually show how the jokes with our character would play out and if need be need to be changed.

The first shows our idea for "When Not To Swim - Crocodile". The Victorian Gentleman jumps off the edge of a pier but lands in a Crocodile's mouth, he stops in mid air and tries to 'swim' his way out before the Crocodile snaps it's mouth closed.

The second is "When Not To Swim - Piranha". This one is a bit simpler to understand than the others. Our character is happly swiming along but as he gets out of the water a Piranha is shown to be bitting his butt.

The last one is "When Not To Swim - Rubber Ring". The idea for the rubber ring is that the Victorian Gentleman walks to the breach and pulls the cord, but the rubber ring start to inflate too much and covers his body. Afterwards, he walks in to the sea but starts to floats away off screen.

Character Design: Lesson 3

In our 3rd lesson we looked at the way we could build up our world that our characters coming from. This could include thinking about the type of art style we are using or the setting that they are in, for me I have to think about how simple my designs will fit in with the iconic style that I have been given.

1st page of drawings

2nd page of drawings

3rd page of drawings
One thing that I need to work on is useing different shapes for the head as I always use a circuit as the base.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Animation: Animating With Keys

Key frame 1

Key frame 2

Key frame 3

Key frame 4

Key frame 5
These are the key frames for an animation sequence in which a man is lifting a set of weights.